If life were to change overnight due to a critical illness, and you had to stop working to focus on your health, have you thought about what financial support you have in place?

Could it happen to you?

More people are surviving critical illnesses

Advances in medical science, improved hospital care and the fact people are generally leading healthier lifestyles means that the number of people surviving critical illnesses has increased significantly over recent years.

This also means that more and more people may need some form of financial support to help them during their treatment, recovery and in some cases, to help them live with their illness.

How can critical illness cover help?

Legal & General Critical Illness Cover plans pay out if you are diagnosed with one of the defined conditions or if you die and are eligible to claim, during the length of the plan.

Reasons to take out critical illness cover

It helps to ask yourself a few tough but important questions:

  • What financial support do you have in place if you had to stop work due to a critical illness? Now consider what would happen if you couldn’t return to work?
  • How would you cope if a partner or someone you depended on financially were diagnosed with a critical illness? How would they cope financially if it happened to you?
  • Could your family continue with the lifestyle they’re accustomed to without you? Who would pay the household bills and daily living expenses?

Andrews can help

Speak to one of our Advisers now to review your protection needs.

Whether you are taking out cover for the first time, or wanting to review your existing insurance arrangements – we can make sure you have the right cover at the wrong time.

What we mean by that is making sure should the worse happen, we’ve got you covered.

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